November 2010

Cheryl Gayle on November 30, 2010

  If you ever want to feel what it is like to be schizophrenic, try living in a very poor, third world country for a while, and then fly into the U.S. for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays!  Talk about living “two different lives.”  I went from living in a very poor, rural area in Togo to being in the London airport for hours and then flying into Washington D.C.  All within 24-36 hours.  The roads in the U.S. are nice and smooth (no potholes all over the place.)  I was in a car that actually worked and rode smoothly.  I could stop anywhere and go to the bathroom (in a real bathroom not in the bush!).  I went into the grocery store to buy food for our daughter and her husband, and I was so overwhelmed with the choices I almost couldn’t function!  And I had just been grocery shopping in Togo a few days before that.  The selections and the choices.  I couldn’t help but think “where does it all come from.”  And that was just one grocery store in NJ!  And we have thousands if not millions of grocery stores like that.  Going into the mall and not getting accosted to buy this or that.  (You don’t know what “accosted” to buy things is until you’ve been in Africa!)  Having anything that one can think of available at the tip of finger.  With warranties and the price visible!   Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the weather/temperature changes that I had to experience!   

And another reason to feel schizophrenic is becoming a first time grandparent!  How did our children grow up so quickly and get married and have their own children?!  It seems like yesterday that they were little.  Michael & I are now the proud grandparents to Celeste Arielle Weaver.  She was born 3 ½ weeks early (she couldn’t wait for grandma to arrive!), but is healthy and trying to top 6 lbs.  Christina is handling things very well.  She and Christopher are going to be great parents.  I appreciate the privilege to be in the states to see them and to help out there at the beginning. 

Right now, I’m in WV again taking care of some business and seeing our other children.   I’ll be taking another  “grandma” visit back to NJ just before I fly back to Togo on Dec 30th. 

Please pray for Michael.  One of my jobs is to be a true “helpmate” to him and to try to take as much of the burden of the household off of him as possible---cooking, cleaning, cozy house, doing bills, many of the e-mails, etc that I can.  Without me there, he is having to fend mainly for himself.   He still has househelp that comes in 2 half days a week, but I end up doing a lot of things to keep his life simpler.  Even just listening to him or encouraging him to slow down helps him out too. 

 Pray for Michael as his medical associate, Dr. Russ Ebersole has been bed ridden for almost 2 weeks with some type of nasty virus.  Michael did have help from WMM doctors---Drs. Dave & Susie Radecky---but they left on Sunday.  The next WMM doctor won’t be arriving until Wednesday evening.  So Michael is trying to handle call by himself (with the surgeon’s help) for 4 days.  It is already hard enough being on call every other night.  Every night can be too much.  Pray that Michael won’t get sick, and that he’ll be able to get the food and rest that he needs.  Thankfully, our other FP, Dr. John Briggs is returning from furlough on Fri Dec 3.  So that will help too.   

There is a lot going on at the hospital as usual.  Including many, many sick patients.  Continue to pray for those who come to the hospital to hear the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  And then to be discipled.  Continue to pray for medical personnel for our hospital and for Mango. 

Continue to pray for us to do His Will. We are very thankful for you!  We pray that you enjoy your holiday season.  Don’t forget to include “Christ” in your holidays! For His Glory,


Cheryl (& Michael) Gayle, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa

Medical ministries and assistant church planters