October 2010

Cheryl Gayle on October 29, 2010

  When the internet works it is great; when it doesn’t work it’s terrible!  For the last two months, the internet has worked only ½ the time!  There are some upgrades being made to the current system, and it looks like our current system might become archaic.  So ½ the time, we don’t have internet anymore.  This is being written on Oct 28th, so it will be interesting to see when we can get it out.  Even though we do get frustrated with the “lack of internet,” we realize that we have things so much better “communication wise” than even 10 years ago.  God is good, all the time.  Not getting internet does give us time to “catch up” on all our e-mails.  Of course, we don’t really want to see what we have to “catch up on” when the internet does finally work!  Just bear with us if it seems like we’re slow to “respond” these days.

 One of the highlights of the month was our daughter Stephanie and her husband Scott’s visit.  Stephanie got to work in the hospital and clinic with her father as a nurse.  (First time since she got her BSN/RN in Dec.)  This was very special.  Stephanie helped her mother some with the guest house ministry, but for the most part she was in the hospital and clinic.  Scott got to use his electrical skills helping wire the new lab addition that is being added to the hospital.  His visit was at just the right time.  And Scott had other “handyman” things to do, including helping us put in a new bathroom sink.  It was great that they were both here for a container that arrived for the hospital and for personal items.  The strength of youth is great.  We also found some time for a few fun trips and some card playing while they were here.  We can’t be all work and no play!   Please continue to pray for Stephanie & Scott as they are back in the U.S. again.  Pray that they will always be open to God’s will and serve Him wherever they are.   

The hospital and the clinic continue to be busy.  We did get a small break though a couple of weeks ago.  The scheduled general surgeon couldn’t make it at the last minute, and we had no real surgical coverage for about 10 days.  Our faithful missionary, Steve Mills, was willing to do emergency c-sections as he had just brushed up on them a few weeks before.  He did a few other cases, but for the most part, we just prayed that God would keep the surgical patients away so that we did not have to turn them away or send them to a hospital with questionable care.  And God did answer.  Between Steve & God, things went fairly well.   We didn’t have to send that many away.

 We had a sad case at the end of Sept where a mother was starting her gas stove and it exploded burning her and her 10 year old son severely.  The mother died after a few days.  The son has improved and been able to go back home.  He will need skin grafting in the future.  Please pray for him as he continues to heal.  Pray for the rest of his family who are now motherless.  We pray that he accepted the gospel also while he was here, as he does not come from a Christian background. 

 Our abandoned baby Sarah was adopted out  and will be returning with her new family on Nov 3 to celebrate her one year birthday.  Keep praying! 

Michael is out on evangelical mobile medical clinics today.  He is going with our national partners to 2 of the 3 villages that have been chosen to be recipients of a monthly health teaching and medical clinic, as well as weekly Bible teaching.  They are finalizing all the details.  Next week he will go out and finalize the details with the 3rd village. 

Pray for Cheryl as she has the privilege of going home on Nov 15th to be with Christina and Christopher for the birth of our first grandchild.  She will be returning to Togo on Dec 31.  Please pray for all the work that Cheryl has to get done and organized before she can leave so that the ministries that Cheryl is involved in continue well.  And also pray for time at home.  This is the longest that we two have ever been apart.  Pray for us to keep our eyes on Him.

 Thank-you so much for standing in the gap and supporting us prayerfully and financially.  We would not be here in Togo without you on our team.  We’re praying for you.  God Bless! 

For His Glory, Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE

Medical Evangelism and Church Planting, Togo, W. Africa