July/August 2010

Cheryl Gayle on August 14, 2010

   So did you miss our prayer update last month?  It was so busy, that the month just flew by before we knew it!  

We arrived back to Togo from Michael’s parent’s memorial service with the Padgett Family.  They are a young family (with 4 children) who are committing to working here for 2 years (Physician Assistant and Sports Therapy).  We helped them get settled in at the same time that we were saying goodbye to the DeKryger Family. (Surgical/Medical Physician Assistant and 4 young children).  The DeKrygers left for their first furlough and will be moving to Mango when they return in 2011.  We’ll miss them sorely. 

At the same time, the Teusinks (maintenance and Guest House) went on furlough, so there have been a lot of changes this last month and a lot of increased responsibilities.   We miss Todd DeKyrger being in the call schedule, but we’ve been blessed with short-termers who have been helping out.  Michael and Russ Ebersole could not do every other night on call for very long.  Every third night is stressful enough.  Right now, our Team Leader, Steve Mills, is having to fill in for maintenance while the Teusinks are gone as there was nobody to replace John Teusink.  Thankfully it is him and not Michael filling in for maintenance, as Michael doesn’t have a lot of knowledge of maintenance issues.  Especially here in Togo.   

We just finished two weeks with an orthopedic team who came out to help.  There are so many orthopedic needs/cases that it was hard for them to get to all the cases, but even helping 10% of who we have waiting in the wings was a blessing.  There were also a lot of moto (little motorcycles) accidents and even a truck that went off the side of our mountain (not too far thankfully) to keep the ortho docs busy when they weren’t doing surgery.  

Cheryl is going to be teaching the book of Proverbs to the two ladies who she disciples on Thursday mornings and also teaching the same course to the ladies at our church plant of Tsavié.  Please pray for the truth of God’s Word to reach people’s hearts and to change lives.  And pray for Cheryl as she has to convey all this information in French!  (Talk about a good exercise in vocabulary and verb tenses!)

We also celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary the end of July.  Cheryl had to go to Lomé to get the orthopedic team from the airport, and Michael was on call.  It was just another day of wedded bliss!

Our daughter Stephanie and our son-in-law, Scott, (RN/Electrician) are making plans to come and help us for two weeks the end of Sept into October.  We are looking forward to their visit and their help.  Please pray for their remaining support needs. 

Our youngest, Nathaniel, is graduating from his two year Photography program at Harrington College of Design in Chicago next week.  He will be returning to Martinsburg, WV and looking for a job.  He is trying to decide if he wants to return to college in January and study forensics or not.  Please pray for him as he finishes up, finds a job, and plans his future.  

And our oldest daughter, Christina, and her husband, Christopher, just moved outside of Princeton, NJ where Christopher will attend Rutgers for his PhD in Philosophy.  Christina will finish up her PhD in Linguistics “long distance” at the same time as having our first grandchild.  We are indeed blessed! 

Thanks for praying for us and supporting us so faithfully.  We are very appreciative for your sacrifices as we serve for you here in Togo.  Have a great rest of the month!

For His Glory, Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Medical Missionaries and Church Planters

Togo, W. Africa