June 2010

Cheryl Gayle on June 27, 2010

   Hi!  We leave for Togo tonight.  We have really enjoyed our time back home to be with family.  Michael’s father and mother’s memorial service went well.  It was a special time to be together as a Gayle family.  We thank God for travel mercies and safety as we traveled while back in the states.  It’s true that there is “no place like home.”  But we look forward to returning to Togo and getting back into our ministries and work there.   

We feel refreshed and reenergized, which is a good thing, as there will be less medical coverage now that Todd DeKryger is leaving for his furlough and then returning to Mango to help in the preparation of the opening of the hospital when he and his family return in a year.  Thankfully, we have some dear colleagues who are coming to Togo to give us short-term coverage from time to time.  Also, Betty & John Teusink will be leaving for furlough in a couple of weeks, so that leaves Cheryl in lead management of the Guest House (with short term help from time to time), and at this time, there is no maintenance coverage for the hospital.  Please pray for strength to do what is needed each day.  And to know what is important.

The new hospital being built in Mango continues to go ahead.  In the south at HBB we’ve almost totally finished the Guest House addition.  The Evangelical Mobile Medical Team continues to research and pray for the new villages that they’ll work in next year with an improved and increased focus.  And we’re looking forward to the lab expansion starting soon.  Please pray for the personnel and the funds to come in for all these projects.

Togo has just recently been experiencing demonstrations and riots because of the president of Togo increasing gas prices across the country.  With the flooding and drought conditions that have plagued the country in the last few years, and the increase of most daily necessities, this has seemed to be the last straw to the Togolese.  According to some of the news that we’ve heard, the taxi drivers were not allowed to increase their fares to make up for the increased gas prices.  As well as the increase in gas increasing already high prices, this made for some volatile times.  We understand though that the demonstrations and riots have stopped at this time.  Please pray that peace will reign and that the Togolese will find the means to meet their basic needs. 

We’re excited that Ghana is still in the World Cup soccer match, even though they beat the U.S. to do so.  We feel like the Ghanaians are our neighbors, and we always like to see Africans do well in many different areas.

Thank-you so much for your faithful prayer and financial support.  You are a blessing to us.  

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa

Medical Ministry and Church Planting