May 2010

Cheryl Gayle on May 22, 2010

   We’ve heard from different missionaries this month alone of at least 3 different Togolese who have burned their fetishes (one was a grand charlatan of a village) after accepting Christ.  And one occurred after a funeral message!  Please pray that these new Christians, who are trying to put fetish and idol worship behind them, stand strong.  They are already being questioned and persecuted for this “change.”

There have been a couple of baptisms also at church plants this month, and we’re excited to see that the church plant of Tsavié has at least 10 people in their baptism class!  Continue to pray for the church plants of Tsavié, Patatoukou, and Anié.  There are others to pray for, but these are ones that we’re directly involved in.  Two have godly pastors leading them, and one, Patatoukou has an elder with a pastor from a bigger church helping there.  Pray that these churches will grow more and more in Him.     

Dr. John Yee, again, showed up in Togo at an opportune time.  A man from the Ivory Coast (who is Togolese, but has been living in the Ivory Coast) showed up at our hospital with a large growth/tumor that was sticking out of his back, could be seen in his neck, and also sticking out of the front of his chest.  He just “happened” to show up the week before Dr. John Yee arrived!  Again, there were no advertisements that Dr. Yee was coming out.  Because of Dr. Yees extensive training in cardio/thoracic surgery, he was able to operate on this man after he arrived.  It appears that it was more of a large infected, cyst, but there was a tuberculosis tubercle in the center of it also.  Even though the man had tested negative numerous times to TB.  

 We have another paralyzed patient this month.  A man in his 30’s was up in a tree and fell out paralyzing him from the chest down.  Please pray for this man as he and his family learn to cope with this change in their lives.  When the mangos and palm nuts are ripe, we tend to get more injuries from people falling out of trees.

 Pray also for the Village of Light as one of the employees was injured there on Friday, when he climbed a palm tree to get the palm nuts for the kids and encountered a viper.  He tried to get down from the tree ASAP, but the snake chased him (almost always within striking distance of his face) down so quickly that he eventually fell.  He had to have surgery on his leg yesterday and will be in external fixation and then a cast for quite awhile.  His name is Agbeko, and he is one of the main workers for the VOL.  

 The 25th anniversary of the start of Hôpital Baptiste Biblique is set for Sat May 29th.  It will be a great time of sharing what God has done with His ministry thru the years and what He will continue to do here because of your faithful prayer and financial support.  Wish you could be here too!  Unfortunately, we will not be here, as we leave for the states on Tues May 25th for Michael’s parent’s memorial service.  We look forward to a time to rest and visit with family and friends.  We will not be visiting other churches as this is just a short trip home that includes our vacation time for the year.  Please pray for no British Air strikes or volcano problems and for travel safety.  Pray for the staff here who will be “holding down” the fort while we’re gone.  And pray for surgical coverage for June 22-July 15 as well as a hole in surgical coverage in Oct. 

And as we look forward to the 25th anniversary of our hospital, we are praying for the new hospital being built in the north of Togo in Mango.  We are excited to see how God is going to use this ministry to help others to discover the truth of the gospel and to glorify Him.  Please pray for the team in the north as they are building relationships and buildings, and as they learn the local language and the culture.  Pray for the future team for Mango. And pray for the well company that is there now to find water.  They have already drilled almost as far as they can without giving up.   Water is a very precious commodity that one can not live without.  And pray for the remaining funds to come in to meet the needs of the hospital project. 

We appreciate you and will continue to pray for you while we’re in the states.  We will be returning to Africa on June 28th.  Thanks for praying for us so faithfully. 

For His Glory,  Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa

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