March 2010

Cheryl Gayle on March 28, 2010

   We’ve had a very fulfilling but busy month.  The first week of the month saw Cheryl in Ghana for the Women of the Harvest (WOTH) Conference.  It was a time for missionary women to get encouraged, refreshed, and pampered.  ABWE and a lady in Arizona sponsored Cheryl’s time there.  It was such a blessing.  If you are a missionary woman, then when one is in your area, we encourage you to go.  If you feel led to help a missionary, then go onto the WOTH website and see how to sponsor someone.  This unfortunately is Cheryl’s only time to attend one as there are too many missionaries to reach for any missionary to get to attend more than once in their lifetime.

During the first week of March, the Togolese elections for President were held.  We are very thankful that there was no serious violence this time.  The only violence that we heard about was in Lomé and only sporadic instances.  The rest of the country was “business” as usual.  That didn’t stop us from having a contingency plan in place though just in case there was a repeat of 2005’s violence.   Thank-you for praying for this.  

The second week of March saw the 5th of 5 CWE teams arrive.  The 5th team was the medical evangelistic team.  Every time that CWE goes into a country to help build buildings, they always end with a medical evangelistic team.  Cheryl was able to work hand in hand with this team.  Michael was able to go out to 3 of the 4 villages that they visited.  It meant some long, long days, but it was a wonderful experience.  Each village that we worked in had a small church plant with a pastor in the area so that anybody who we helped that day and showed interest in spiritual matters could be followed up by the pastor.  There were medical, dental, and reading glasses stations each day.  We don’t have all the numbers, but we know that over 400 patients were seen each day, and there were over 300 in each village who either accepted Christ or wanted to know more about Him.  What a wonderful blessing!  The pastors are going to be pretty busy these next few months following up with them.

 Right now we have Dr. Gus Barkett (OB/GYN) and Dr. Kerry Sullivan (Radiology) here for their 14th trip!  They always bring a nice team with them and add quite a lot to the hospital.  This year, Dr. Sullivan was able to bring out the ultrasound tech who helped to get our portable ultrasound for our hospital.  She has brought an upgraded machine and is teaching all the providers how to use it.  It is amazing how technology improves and what all we can do to help the Togolese. 

The weather is always interesting here (as it is worldwide.)  Since most of our friends are subsistent farmers, the amount of heat and rain is very important.  Too much of one or the other or not enough of one can cause devastating effects on the food and living situation here.   Harmattan, which is the very dry season that brings the sands of the Sahara here like a fog and no real rain to speak of, starts in October and ends usually in March.  This year we had a very, very light harmattan which was unusual in itself.  Then we got some good rains which seemed to signify the end of harmattan.  But then suddenly just at the “equinox” of the sun, the harmattan came in extremely heavy.  Heavier than we’ve seen it all harmattan season.  And heavier than many Togolese have seen it, especially this late.  Last Sunday in church it was mentioned that this “bizarre” weather could be another sign that Christ is coming again!   With all the strange weather patterns, all over the world, it does make one wonder.  The Bible says, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of birth pains,” (Matt 24:7, 8).

 Make no mistake though, whether it is today, tomorrow, or in the future, Christ will be coming again!   As we get ready to ponder and praise God for the birth, death, and resurrection of His Son, we are very thankful for you and what you mean to us.  You are part of His Team for Togo.  We thank-you so much for your faithfulness in prayer and in financial support.  Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!  Have a blessed Easter season! 

For His Glory, Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo

Medical Ministry and Church Planting