February 2010

Cheryl Gayle on February 25, 2010

   The 4th CWE building team is working hard to finish up the OB wing and the Guest House addition by Friday.  We have been enjoying getting to know the wonderful people who have come out to work on the buildings each week.   The OB wing is almost totally ready.  Maybe by Monday, we’ll be able to move beds and patients in there!  Be sure and check out our website: www.gayle.abwe.org in the next couple of weeks.  When we can get a good internet connection, we’re going to post some of the many pictures that we’ve been taking.  Pray for the rest of the funds to come in to complete the Guest House addition though.  Things are costing a little bit more than we had planned.

We were privileged to get to attend the baptism of 4 new people at the church plant of Anie at the beginning of the month.  If you remember, this is one of the churches that were started as a direct result of the Evangelical Mobile Medical Clinics.   To get to this “temporary” church structure, one has to travel through a trash heap.  In fact, it takes awhile to get used to the stench of the garbage.  After awhile we forgot the odor, because of the people’s sweet, sweet spirit.  Pastor Alou is doing a great job discipling his small flock with the help of Pastor Bamaze and Pastor Jeremie.  We got to walk to the river for the baptism which reminded us of going to the Jordan River.  We’ll have pictures, Lord willing, in a few weeks for you to see Anie, too.

There have been many sad cases at the hospital this month.  We’ve had a child die of rabies.  A child die of a snake bite.  A child die of ARDS (lung failure) following an infected knee.  And even a premature baby died, when we thought that she was getting better.  There is a little boy with liver cancer who will be dying any day now.  It is sad to see him suffering as he grows weaker and weaker and his belly grows bigger and bigger.  His family is from the Fulani tribe and they are Muslim.  They have been very loving and caring with him.  At times like these, we have to remind ourselves that God is in control.  He never asks us to be successful---just faithful.  And we have to remind ourselves that for every child or adult that we lose, there are many more who are saved physically and spiritually.  Pray for the docs and nurses not to get discouraged or tired.

The first building teams have arrived up north for the Northern Outreach Project construction.  Michael got the privilege to fly up to see the construction with Paul of CWE and visit with our teammates in the north this month.  It is amazing how people have been giving to this great project.  We are praying to duplicate up North the work that is already flourishing here in the South, but without all the mistakes! J  (What mistakes?)  Pray for the rest of the funds to come in for the NOP.  If you want to see the progress, just go to the ABWE website: www.abwe.org .   Pray for the workers in the North as it is even hotter up there than it is here.

Cheryl is attending a “Women of the Harvest” conference in Ghana next week with 5 other co-workers.  It is a conference just for missionary women working in third world cultures.  She looks forward to taking a little break before returning to help work with the final CWE team ---the medical evangelic team--- March 7-13.  Cheryl will be going out with the team to 4 different villages.  Michael is going to try to join the group for 2 of the villages.  Pray for travel safety for the conference and the village evangelism.  CWE is brining out doctors, dentists, evangelists, and people to help with glasses.  We’ll have 20 on their team and about 14 translators.  As well as chauffeurs and missionaries.  This will be a big undertaking!  Pray for us to all work together and to be good witnesses in drawing others to Him.

March 4th is the Togolese elections.  Please pray that the elections will be peaceful.  Usually, the Election Day itself is fairly calm.  It is the days afterwards where we can see violence when the results are made known.  Some people get very angry if their party doesn’t win.  This is what happened in 2005 and other years.  (Of course, there are rumors of corruption, vote tampering, etc., but we do not know much else.)   The current President, Faure, is trying to educate people to be “peaceful” after the elections no matter what the results are.  He is also trying to promise that the elections will be fair.  And Togo has invited U.N. observers in.  The group of ladies in Ghana will be returning the day after the elections.  Pray that the border will not be closed any due to violence. 

Well, even though we’re busy, and sometimes we’re overwhelmed, we remember you and your faithfulness to Him and His work here in Togo, and we keep on keeping on.  Keep lifting us before the throne room!  You are so special to us.  We’re praying for the situations in Haiti and in the States.  We miss you all!

For His Glory, 

Michael & Cheryl, ABWE, Medical Evangelism and Church PlantingTogo, W. Africa