January 2010

Cheryl Gayle on January 31, 2010

   This month has just flown by!  It has been chocked full of seeing patients, sharing the gospel, Bible studies, working with our church plants, and “extras.” 

The beginning of the year there was a 3 day spiritual revival for the all the hospital staff.  There had to be a little juggling of schedules and taking turns of coming to an afternoon or a morning session, but all in all almost all the employees got to be inspired and revived spiritually.  Pastor Sossa from Lomé was the key note speaker.  Other employees were in charge of the singing, testimonies, Bible verses, skits and so forth.  It was a wonderful and refreshing time.  The emphasis was “one another.”  There are many verses in the Bible that speak about our relationships with “one another.”  That will be the theme of the hospital this year ---putting these verses into practice in our lives while at work, church, or home.

Dr. Jose from Spain also spent over a week at our hospital performing special GI surgeries on children.  The hospital was packed with children and parents.  Dr. Russ Ebersole, as our pediatrician, was responsible for coordinating everything and being there for Dr. Jose as Dr. Jose doesn’t speak French and very little English.  But his compassion and knowledge spoke volumes to the staff and patients.  Dr. Jose is scheduled to return today for a couple of days of follow-up with his surgeries.

Another week saw 55-60 Togo ABWE missionaries and nationals at the hospital for Togo Team Meetings and for a special seminar “Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship,” which is on how to be more effective in witnessing to and discipling others.  It was a very busy time, but also a fulfilling time.  We wonder why we’re all a little tired right now! J  And today, the first of 5 different teams arrive from CWE to help to finish up the construction of the new OB wing for the hospital and the 2 room addition to our Guest House.  Please pray for safety for everyone, as there should be around 20 on each team.  There will be new pictures on our website: www.gayle.abwe.org in the next few weeks of the construction.     

We are also in need of primary care physicians and general surgeons for the last 6 months of the year, as we will be without coverage.  Please pray for 1-2 primary care doctors each month and 1-2 general surgeons each month from June through December. 

Pray for us not to grow weary but to pace ourselves and to trust God with everything that needs done.  Also, please pray for $250,000 that the Togo Team is pledging to raise for the Northern Outreach Project (new hospital, Muslim ministry, etc.).  

Thank-you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support.  You are an important part of His ministry here in Togo!

For Him,

Michael & Cheryl, ABWE, Togo        

Medical Ministry and Church Planting