Cheryl Gayle on January 28, 2007

January is off to a good start.  Hopital Baptiste Biblique's first order of business was to hold a spiritual revival within the first two weeks of the new year.  The revival was on a Thursday afternoon from 2pm-5pm and on Friday afternoon/evening from 2pm until after 8pm.  The hospital chaplains were in charge of the program and the guest speakers.  It was a great time of challenge and renewal for the employees (including the missionaries!)  The theme of the revival was "I am God Almighty; walk before me and be blameless," (Gen 17.1, NIV).  Wow!  What a great reminder for all of us as we start a new year.

Another praise for January, which concerns 2006, is that we got the "numbers" of people seen and the number of people who confessed Christ.  There were 10,056 visits to the clinic.  Of those visits, 2,188 called on Christ for the first time to be their savior.  For the hospital there were 2,242 admissions and 450 who asked to receive Christ during their stay.  Of course, Satan wants to discourage and we have had some more spiritual warfare recently, but we know that God will be victorious.  Continue to pray for fruit from the new converts.  They desperately need good discipleship and churches to attend in their areas.  We have people coming from all over Togo, even places where there are no churches at all.  Pray that the Bibles that the new converts get can be read and that God's truth will pierce their hearts and that there would be growth.

We want to thank everybody who prayed for the  need of a new oxygen generator at the hospital.  All the missionaires here put out a need to raise $40,000 in order to purchase as new oxygen generator for the hospital, and all the money was raised by the first two weeks of January.  God owns it all.  It just depends on what we do with it.

We closed December out at the hospital with our first annual (?) employee race.  The Friday before Christmas the staff wanted to have a race for the fellowship and for the chance to earn some extra money.  It was a real treat to see how it pulled everybody together.  We had our "cheerers" and our "runners."  It was a good time for all.  It was held out on the road in front of the hospital complete with curious onlookers.  A great photo opportunity too!

We also celebrated the retirement of Jean, one of the employees who has worked in the caisse at the hospital since the hospital began.  And we had an great employee appreciation dinner.  The hospital paid for a big "feast" for all the employees.  We hired some nationals to cook the food for us, and then all the missionaries got together to serve and thank our staff.  It was a lot of fun, and we think very successful.  Everybody left there full and appreciated!

We are currently in Lome picking up a new long-term missionary family---the DeKrygers.  Todd is a Physician's Assistant who is trained in medical and in surgical care.  Jennifer is a teacher who is homeschooling their children at this time.  They have brought with them: William, 7, Grant, 5, and Luke, 3.  There is another DeKryger (boy) due the end of April.  It's been really fun already seeing how much fun the little boys are having running all over and playing in the dirt and rocks and being little boys!  Their favorite activity right now is hunting for snakes, but they really don't want to find any.  It's more the game than the success!  We are blessed to have another family to add to the team.  Pray for their adjustment to Togo, the field, their new ministry, etc. 

And we're blessed as always with our short-termers who come out here to help us out.  We are blessed with Dr. Charles (Chuck) Miller a Pediatrician, Dr. Dave Oviatt an Internal Medicine doc, and Dr. Susie Redecky (Dave's wife) a Family Physician.  Dr. Bruce Steffes is here with his family to do some more complicated cases and to give Dr. JoV a little bit of a hand.  Their being here is releaving some of the day to day work at the hospital and clinic so that the docs can concentrate a little more on Administration and other ministry tasks.  We're enjoying getting to know them all too. 

Thanks for praying for us.  Thank-you for all of your support.  Continue to pray for the many ministries here in Togo, and that His Will will be done.  To God be the Glory.

For Him,


Michael & Cheryl