MAY 2007

Michael & Cheryl Gayle on May 28, 2007

Chers, Chers amis! (Dear, Dear friends!),

The last Sunday of every month at the church plant in Tsaviť, after church, the whole church (there are about 30 adults now and about 30 children) goes out into the village in groups and shares the gospel with the villagers. One never knows who you?ll encounter. This last month, the group that Cheryl was in (Michael was at the hospital on call?), stopped at the ?first place on the left where there were people when we turned down the dirt road.?? We found one woman working in her outdoor kitchen and two women ?visiting? with her. There were some younger people across the ?courtyard of dirt? sitting on chairs in front of a row of rooms. Noky started to share the gospel in …wť. Satan was not happy with our being there, and he put many obstacles in the way. Immediately the two visiting women ?went to sleep!? The one ?working? woman kept jumping up and doing things here and there. She also had a gendarme visitor. Cheryl?s job is usually to pray for the truth to sink in and for the gospel to be shared clearly so she was kept busy praying feverently!! Noky kept right on sharing whether the other woman was there or not. Finally, after about 10 minutes of this, it looked like all three women were listening finally, and even one of the ?sleepers? asked a question. Then all of a sudden, two people showed up dragging a half naked woman who looked drugged/unresponsive into the ?courtyard? and calling out. The working woman, jumped up and went to her, had them take her to the chairs by the room, and then started chanting and dancing around her. At that point, we realized that we had been sharing with a ?fetish/witch doctor? woman. My national friends told me that the woman was ?possessed? and in a trance. My first thought was ?should we go and lay hands on this lady and heal her? Wouldn?t this be a way to really show the power of Christ like in the Bible?? But my national friends were very upset and said ?no, this is not the place or time, and we need to leave.? We were able to leave a couple of tracts with the ?sleeping women.? Pray that some seeds were planted, and that we?ll have another opportunity to return to talk with them.

Another highlight of the month was that Cheryl has the privilege of helping to start a ladies? Bible Study at the church plant in Tsaviť. She is working with Pastor Theo?s wife, Akuafa, as everything that is said has to be translated into the tribal language of …wť from French. It?s an awesome responsibility and somewhat daunting as of the 15-20 women who were there for the first session only 4 can read. We?re teaching ?Pas a Pas? which is the same as ?Won by One? that many of you have heard about in English. This study has been translated into French and …wť! Pray for much growth and fruit from these sessions! Pray for Cheryl to teach only His Word! So many of these women are new believers who have never been discipled! We will be meeting together the first and third Sundays of each month, Lord Willing.

The hospital continues to be very busy. Michael is on call every other day/night. We?ve been so blessed with the short-term doctors who have come out to help carry the load. And we?ve just barely been able to keep surgery open as dear, dear friends have responded to the needs of surgical coverage and sacrificed to come out and cover for us. Dr. JoV our Filipino surgeon is planning on returning in mid-June, but she can not be the only surgeon here or she?ll end up burned out and frustrated again. It is too busy of a hospital and too much stress for her to handle alone. Pray for there to always be other surgeons here so that they can both share the load. It?s hard enough being on call every other night, much less every night. We get a lot of OB patients here and about half of them need c-sections at all hours of the day and night. Pray for Michael also, as Dr. Carlton Baer?s last day of hospital/clinic work is today. This will leave Michael as the only full-time medical doctor on the field until the Ebersoles return in the Fall, and the Briggs join us around the same time. Lord Willing. Pray for Michael?s strength. We?re happy for the Baers as they go where they feel God is leading them to work with Asians, but we?re also sad to see them go for more reasons than one. Thankfully we have Todd DeKryger a new full-time missionary Physician?s Assistant here, and we have short-term doctors to help take some of the load off. We are so thankful for our short-termers. They help us so much!

We?re also saying goodbye to Blake & Sue Farley on June 7th who have been here since Nov 2006 from Johnston Chapel in WV to help fill in for maintenance and to help Cheryl with the Guest House. Pray for more maintenance help/supervision until the Teusinks can return. The Teusinks still are not at full support to be cleared to return to the field, and we need them desperately out here!

Thank-you so much for partnering with us to reach the Togolese! We can?t do it without you! May you have a wonderful June!

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl