June/July 2007

Michael & Cheryl Gayle on July 20, 2007

Wow! Have the last two months flown by!

The month of June started with the Cedarville nursing team. After the Cedarville nursing team left, our son Nathaniel flew in from school in Germany to work with us this summer. (PTL!) Within a few days of his arrival, we were in Accra, Ghana to pick up a youth group from Calvary Baptist Church in Michigan.

We had a great time working together on the first Vacation Bible School at our church at Tsavié! We were blessed with over 600 plus children who were there! Talk about a lot of kids and being tired! :-) We had great national workers too
as we couldn*t have done it without them. Many made decisions for Christ.
Pray for their spiritual growth.

We've also been privileged to work with a small "aviation" team with 3 Piedmont University students here for 6 weeks on a mission*s internship. They are very excited about the potential of the aviation work here, and 2 of them are making plans on returning in the future, Lord Willing. We're so thankful for Dale Fogg's
willingness to be here for 3 weeks to work on the airplane with them.

The hospital continues to be very busy. One of our new short-termers is a
general surgeon Dr. Rodney Lovett. His wife said, "When you read the
description that this is a small, 25-35 bed hospital, you think 'how
busy can it be?'"  Mrs. Lovett went on to say that the "small inpatient
numbers does not adequately describe the intensity and the busyness of the
work here."  So true! We are so thankful for our short-termers who help
us keep going. (PTL!) We would not be able to continue without them. Pray
for our short-termers to not be too overwhelmed or discouraged!

Last week early, early in the morning (during our personal morning
devotions) a pastor arrived on our doorstep to ask us for help with
three new church plants that have started as a direct result of the
Evangelical Medical Clinics. There have been people who have accepted Christ every week that the team goes out to the villages; whenever possible a Bible Study is started with the new believers. Since we started the clinics regularly
in November, 3 of these Bible Studies have been faithful and grown enough
to start looking for places to rent or buy for the nucleus of believers!
(PTL!) Pray for the finances and the pastors/church planters to work
with these new works. Also last week, 42 people accepted Christ at the village that the EMC went to!

And on Sunday, we had 12 people accept Christ (8 visitors) at our church plant in Tsavié! God is doing great things here in Togo. Is this the beginning of a revival? Pray for the harvest to continue! Pray for the personnel needed to disciple and teach others. Pray for the stamina of all of us.

And pray as Togo is getting ready for some major elections in August.
Pray that there is no violence this time, and that everything is done
honestly. Pray for God*s leaders to be put in office. This time is elections
for government representatives in each region. It could get heated.

We look forward to next weekend welcoming a team of pre-med students
(and one nursing student) from the Master*s College in CA. Even though we
are few in number this summer, we are strong in the Lord! We pray for
everybody who comes out here to be changed for Him because of their time here. We appreciate the privilege to work with visitors as part of our
ministry. Of course, when we start seeing so many being saved or being influenced for missionary work, we know that Satan is going to try to attack. Pray for us not to get discouraged or too tired. Pray for us to recognize his
attacks and to stay strong and united as a team.

Thank-you so much for being part of His Team for Togo! Have a great rest of the summer.

For His Glory,

Michael, Cheryl, (& Nathaniel)

Hôpital Baptiste Biblique, Togo, W. Africa