SEPT 2007

Michael & Cheryl Gayle on September 29, 2007

Greetings from rainy and cool Togo! We?ve been having fairly nice weather here considering its Africa. Meaning it?s been cool for the last couple of months. In the 80?s most of the time with it even cooler at night. The problem is that N. Togo has been getting way too much rain with flooding, deaths, and displacement of people. Please pray for the flooding to stop. We?re ?soggy? here (when we walk we sink down into the wet ground) but o.k. so far. The Harmattan is just around the corner though, so we do anticipate things calming down soon.

Todd DeKryger and Michael have been busy this month with taking call every other day and night so they?re pretty tired out. But there is change on the horizon! Right now the DeKrygers are in Lomé picking up the Briggs family. John Briggs is a Family Physician! He and his wife, Sue, have just finished language school in France and are coming out for their first term. Pray for the Briggs family as they are bringing three of their five children with them. One son is in the US in college, and the other son is at BFA in Germany with our son Nathaniel. Also the Ebersole family (Russ is our Pediatrician) is arriving on Oct 9 in Lomé for their second term here. This will enable some every 3rd-4th night call instead of every other night. We?ll feel a little more civilized we think. FYI: Sue Briggs is Russ Ebersole?s sister! This should be interesting having family and cousins right next to each other and serving together. We?re open to any of our family coming out and joining us too! ?

Another bright spot on the horizon is John & Betty Teusink have tickets to return to Togo on Oct 17th for their 4th (or 5th term)! We have been sorely lacking in maintenance (we need maintenance help almost as much if not more than we need medical help). We?re so thankful for short-termers who have been out to help in this area while John?s been gone. And Betty and Cheryl usually work together running the Guest House, so Betty returning to the field will help to spread the Guest House load out too. We?ll be almost up to a full complement of missionaries again. We just still need 1-2 full-time surgeons, a full-time hospital administrator, a full-time financial officer, and some other miscellaneous help.

On Monday this week a two week old infant arrived at the hospital almost as orange as a pumpkin. For an African baby that is pretty orange! The cause was its bilirubin was up over 52 according to the blood tests. A too high bilirubin count (usually in the 20?s or higher) can cause brain damage. Michael knew that the baby was very sick, and he had to do something fast. So since Russ Ebersole wasn?t here yet?, he pulled out the medical books. His choice of therapy was to transfuse 500 cc of fresh blood and draw off 500 cc of the baby?s blood so that the baby would have a total blood replacement x2. (The child had approximately 240 cc of blood in its body by a formula that doctors use.) It sounds strange but the way it?s done is you find the blood (in this case Michael?s own blood), then you inject 20 cc of blood and you let it get into the circulatory system, and then you draw out 20 cc of blood. Because you have to wait a few minutes in between for each thing you do, it can be very long and drawn out. The whole procedure took about 3 hours. Now the baby couldn?t really understand the gospel, but the parents were at the bedside the whole time that Michael was working so he got lots of time to talk about Christ with them. He used a good illustration of he was giving his blood to save the baby?s physical life, but Christ gave his blood to save all people?s lives if they will just accept this free gift! At this point the baby is doing very well (unknown brain damage results but eating well), and the parents are interested in hearing more about Christ.

On Friday Michael was at the hospital and a Muslim lady came in who needed surgery. The lady who was with the patient was very friendly with Michael and saying ?Dr. it?s so good to see you again!? Of course, most people only have a couple of doctors and most doctors have a few thousand patients, so it was hard to place her. It turns out she was a Muslim lady who was at the hospital last year and had to have 3 surgeries. The first two surgeries didn?t work. The lady accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior after the 2nd unsuccessful surgery. She went into her 3rd surgery a changed woman. The 3rd surgery was a success, and she was discharged home. It turns out that she is from the village of Anie where the Evangelical Mobile Medical Clinics have planted a new church. She?s been attending there ever since she got saved and appears to be one evangelistic lady! She says that when the ?new church? gets built she and her children are going to attend. Her husband still professes to be Muslim.

Evangelical Mobile Medical Clinics continue to go out every week. This last Thursday they went to a village where they shared the gospel, talked about high blood pressure, and then saw 324 people who they took blood pressures on and shared the gospel one on one! At 5:30pm they were exhausted and had to turn away even more people. Over 32 accepted Christ as their Savior this day. Pray that we can get a Bible Study going there with some good discipleship. Pray for all the people who accept Christ at the hospital, clinic, or on our outreaches to grow in Him!

Well, that is it for now. This is going to be a great month as we look forward to all the new and returning missionaries coming out, and we look forward Pastor Dean and Pat Finn from Grace Bible Church in Va. Beach, VA paying us a visit and a medical team coming from Derwood Bible Church in Derwood, MD. It?s so uplifting when our church families visit us and minister alongside us. Thanks for being on our team!

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa