APRIL 2008

Cheryl Gayle on May 6, 2008

Yes, it?s May and you?re just getting your April prayer update! We are thankful that our computer problems have been bypassed for now. First of all, Peter & Jamie Buck of Waterford Productions arrived on April 15th from the states. Cheryl had a pretty tough schedule of filming for them, and one of the first things they did on arriving was go out to the different film locations to check them out and get an idea of what to expect starting the next day. That night the port on our internet/modem blew out. (We didn?t know that that was the problem right off, but within a couple of days we finally figured it out.)

Thankfully, we had just purchased a used computer a couple of months before, because our main computer has been having problems (like not starting unless you jiggle it up and down and wait 15 minutes, CD drive not working, etc.) So we pulled out our ?new? used computer and figured that we were in business. Not so easy because first one has to configure the computer, add the internet provider and so forth. We finally managed to be able to send/receive on our ?new? computer, but all of our data and addresses were on the old computer. We were all putting in 14-18 hour days during the filming time, and so finally, yesterday which was May 4th, we were able to get everything transferred over, and we?re now in business. We are very thankful that we had a minimum of disruptions with the computer, but we haven?t been able to communicate like we would like to. Hopefully we?ll get caught up in the next week. (Also, our Jeep lost the ability to shift, clutch problems, during this same week.) No spiritual warfare here!!!

The filming went great. It was totally exhausting though. We are proud to say that we were able, only with your prayers and God?s Grace, to get 2 film projects done, with another one ?in the works.? The first film project is a 2 hour ?feature? film about an African man born into the fetish, his subsequent acceptance of Christ, and his sharing the gospel with his family and friends. It?s much more interesting than my description. It is totally in French and as far as we can tell culturally acceptable. When the film team left on April 30th, besides a day or two of recuperating, we?ve been showing it around to different places. So far we?ve had a positive response. We?re praying that this film will even go all over West Africa into French speaking countries. When we?re home on home assignment, we are planning on getting English subtitles put on for any of you interested in seeing this film and to even go into other parts of Africa.

The second film is more of a ?documentary,? where a pastor shares from God?s Word about salvation and there are three different African?s testimonies on how God has changed their lives interspersed between his presentations. This is a 30 minute film, in French, which is very powerful in itself. One testimony is a man from N. Togo who is from the Kabiye tribe who used to be a fetisher; another testimony is from a woman who is from the Ewe tribe who used to be a church going only Catholic; and the last is from a man from the north, outside of Mango, who used to be Muslim. They are wonderful presentations.

The third film is just some footage of both of our ministries and some of the scenery around here. If Peter and Jamie have time, they are going to put a little presentation together for us to share in our churches during home assignment. This one doesn?t need subtitles! ?

Peter & Jamie also put the finishing touches on the Ewe subtitles on a film that Peter had done in Senegal a few years ago that we had already subtitled in French. All in all, a lot was accomplished in just two weeks time. Thank-you so much for your prayers. God is good! Now we?re praying that Waterford Productions will be doubly blessed for their ministry of coming out here, filming, and producing these films gratis! Pray for them to see that one can?t out give God!

During these last two weeks, we've also had the privilege of having Ryan S. here with us. He is a Missionary Kid (MK)  whose parents serve as church planters in the Merditerrean area. He is very interested in becoming a missionary surgeon in the future. He wanted to use some of his time to come out and work at our hospital to see if this is the type of work that God would have him to do. We think that he has been blessed with his time here, and we feel that he certainly has the ?stomach? to continue further. Pray for him to make wise decisions in the future.

The hospital and other responsibilities continue to keep us busy too! We are both training others to take over our jobs/ministries when we leave. Pray that we will find the time to do a great job so that people will feel comfortable when we?re gone.

Pray that our computer situation will continue to be good for until we get back to the states in June! Besides sharing the gospel with others and helping the sick and needy, keeping in touch with you is very important as you are our life lines to Him!

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa