MAY 2008

Michael Gayle on May 30, 2008

We are in the middle packing up our personal things and saying our goodbyes! It?s very sad that we have to leave for a year of home assignment, we?re going to miss our ministry and our friends here, but it?s also very exciting to know that we get to return to the US to share about His Work here in Togo. Thank-you so much for being part of our team to reach the lost in Togo!

The hospital continues to be very busy. We have noticed an increase in AIDS again, especially with families with children. Our pediatrician, Russ Ebersole, is finding that he has to tell a lot of families right now that their child(ren) and/or one or both of the parents are HIV positive. We had thought that there was a downswing in AIDS here, but maybe it was the calm before the storm? Pray that the AIDS problem will decrease. Continue to pray for the hospital and all that needs to be done to keep it functioning. Pray for the remaining missionary staff and pray for the nationals to all stay strong in Him.

The end of April, we had the privilege of interviewing a surgical resident from Sierra Leone who is being trained at a missionary hospital in Cameroon. We are always in dire need of surgeons here, and we?ve always felt that it would be good to include more national medical professionals at our hospital. Dr. Lebbie was favorably impressed with the work here in Togo. Next he needs to bring his wife and children for a visit to see if they would be able to live and work here. Dr. Lebbie has to finish out a few more years in his surgical residency before he can come out. Then he would need to learn French and raise some sort of support. Pray for all the details to work out and for we missionaries to know His Will for all of us.

In May we lost one of our Togolese PAs who was transferred to another clinic by the Togo government. She took a test that is necessary for PAs who want a ?future? in Togo, and she scored so well that the government snapped her up. Her husband is a nurse at our hospital. They just had a little girl who is about 3 months old now. So, there was nothing to it but for Kafui to take the baby and move. Her husband is staying here. They are going to try to see each other every month taking turns on traveling back and forth. They are also praying that she can get transferred back in about a year. Because of her leaving, we had to hire another Physician Assistant. He is a strong Christian from the country of Rwanda, who fled the country due to the political persecutions and killings a few years back. He has been in Togo for several years and every year he calls our hospital asking for a job. This year it seems that it paid off. Please pray for Kafui and her family as they are apart, and pray for Ephrem as he is moving to another place and is very far from home. Thankfully he already speaks French quite well. We?re getting to be quite an ?international? group aren?t we? ?

Right now we have 3 different teams/groups here in Togo from the states. One team is involved with the Northern Outreach Project and is up in Mango surveying the land and making plans for the start of the hospital up north. Another team is here from GAIN, and they are looking at the possibility of joining with Togo and helping to build wells around the country. One of the places is of course the new hospital in Mango and another place (Lord Willing) could be our church plant of Tsaviť! The third team is with CWE (Construction for World Evangelism?), and they are here looking into the possibility of helping to build 4 new Christian schools in the next year. Please pray for much wisdom in these areas and for the right timing in everything that happens.

We leave Togo on June 1. We will be going to Germany for Nathaniel?s High School graduation and getting to the states on June 8th. We will be spending some time with family and our home church for the first few weeks, except for Michael going to ABWE in Harrisburg, PA to share about Togo with the Medical Mission?s Interface conference on June 20, 21, & 22. We look forward to getting back with everyone and sharing in person. If you or your church hasn?t already set up a time for us to get together, please let us know.

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle