Cheryl Gayle on June 25, 2008


We?ve officially started our home assignment. On leaving Togo , we got to go to Nathaniel?s high school graduation at Black Forest Academy (BFA) on June 8th. We have been so impressed with BFA. Their taking such good care of Nathaniel made it possible for us to concentrate on our work in Togo . Nathaniel is planning on attending our local university, Shepherd, for the next year.

We were met at Dulles airport outside of DC on June 10th by Christina (from Chicago ), Stephanie, Scott, and Pastor George Michael. (Poor Christopher had to stay in Chicago and work.) We were very blessed to get some special family time together. We did not want to leave Togo to return home for our year of home assignment, but we have to admit it is nice to be back home and back in our own culture. We love Togo , but it is a lot of hard work to live in another country and minister full-time!

While our family was together for two weeks, Christina helped us to put together a Power Point presentation to present at Medical Missions Interface at ABWE headquarters. Michael left for meetings at ABWE on Thurs June 19th. Then he had the privilege to share with health care workers and their spouses at Medical Mission Interface (MMI) the weekend of June 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

After the MMI meetings, Michael left for Va. Beach to spend time with his father, Dalby Gayle. This is the first time he has been able to see his father since Michael?s mother died. They spent some special times together. While Michael was gone, Cheryl?s sisters came from OH and IN to spend the weekend with her. It is good to be able to reconnect and spend special time together.

Since our return home, we have been staying with our friends Terry & Peggy Smathers until our house is ready to move in to. Lord willing, we?ll be moving into our furlough house on July 2nd.

Continue to pray for Togo as the work is still going on while we are home. Pray for the ministry to continue going strong. Pray for short-termers and long-termers to hold up His Work in Togo . Pray for us as we assess our time in Togo and make plans for our return next year. Pray as we start ministries in churches and sharing with our friends and supporters His Work in Togo . We will be contacting everyone in the next few weeks to set up times to get together.

July Ministry Schedule:
July 14 -- 19, Missionary Enrichment, mandatory conference at ABWE headquarters in Harrisburg , PA
July 27 ? Aug 1, Day Camp at Fellowship Bible Church in Charles Town, WV

For His Glory,

Michael, Cheryl, & Nathaniel Gayle , ABWE
Ministering in Togo , W. Africa