August 2008 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on August 30, 2008


We have had a good month of travel, ministry, visitation, and setting up our home. We even enjoyed watching some of the Olympics. It is fun to be home and enjoying our culture?s normal activities. It?s easy to get spoiled by being back in the US. But our hearts are still in Togo.
The Northern Outreach Project---Mango Hospital startup included---is building up steam for reaching the lost in N. Togo. Michael has been able to go to a couple of meetings in Harrisburg, PA area to work with this. The team in Togo is much occupied with the planning stages right now, including the first 3 families going up to Mango to start learning the tribal language and building relationships. Because of the inroads that the team desires to make in ?enemy territory,? we have noticed (again) increased problems for our team, the hospital, and the country of Togo. There have been a few personnel problems with the hospital employees, leading to misunderstandings, and employees not keeping their eyes on Him. It has been very discouraging and hard for the missionaries there. Please pray for peace and strength to do what needs to be done. We know that God will be victorious in the end.
We?ve have been praying for Togo, as well as other areas in the world, who are being affected by natural disasters. Two of our teammates, STEVE & MARY JO MILLS, wrote in their last prayer letter:
Speaking of rain, we have experienced the heaviest rains in the last couple of weeks that we have ever experienced since we arrived in 1989. In fact the rains have had such an impact on the country that much of the eastern side of the country is under at least a couple feet of water. It has been reported that 9 bridges have been affected on the major north/south road on the east side of the country. Two of those bridges have been washed away and the other 7 have been rendered impassable. There are individuals who are thus ?trapped? in areas and so are dependent on other means of food. Steve spoke with one pastor and he indicated that several homes had collapsed in their area but thankfully no one was injured. All fields have been rendered unusable and so that means NO crops for the coming months. Recently while talking with some employees at the hospital, they said that fights have broken out in Lomé as corn prices alone have risen 180%! Please be in prayer for our country as they try to deal with this devastation. Due to the main road for trucks now being closed, they are using the only other road and that passes on the west side of the country (our side). With the heavy rains and the heavy trucks the toll on the paved roads is quickly becoming evident and in a couple areas, vehicles have to go off road to make the trip.
We continue to see a decline in the exchange rate but the prices of items in country continue to soar. The question everyone is asking is: Will we see the exchange rate drop below 400 francs to the dollar? We thought we would never see the day it would drop below 500 francs but it certainly did??.
Our schedule for Sept is:
? Sept 1 Peoria, IN (time with the 3 Biedler brothers and their families)
? Sept 5 Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL
? Sept 7 Capon Bridge, WV/VA area for a meeting with the WMT of Purcellville Baptist, in the afternoon
? Sept 8-19 Cheryl orientation at City Hospital in Martinsburg, WV for Cheryl to get her nursing skills back to maybe use in Togo
? Sept 20-27 One week vacation with friends at Nags Head, NC
? Sept 27-29 VA Beach, time with Michael?s Dad
? Sept 29 ? Oct 2 Martinsburg, WV time with Cheryl?s Dad and wife
? For Sept, all Weds & Sundays we?re in Martinsburg will be at our home church, IBC, in Martinsburg, WV.

You are a blessing to us! Thank-you for being part of His Team in Togo!
For His Glory,
Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa