September 2008 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on September 26, 2008


We?re writing to you from the Outer Banks of N.C. where we have had the privilege of spending a week of vacation with some of our good friends. Even though it has been rainy, cool, and windy almost the whole week, we have had a wonderful and refreshing time. It is good to step back for a little while.

We have been very saddened this month with all the tragedies that seem to be happening in the U.S. with Hurricane Ike and the financial problems. Some things one can?t help like hurricanes, but other things we as a nation need to take responsibility for such as overspending and high credit. We are praying for wisdom all around as we as a people try to avert even more crisis.

As we have been praying, we got to thinking about tithing, churches, and missionaries. Many times when there are financial problems people stop giving to the church and to missions. These are the areas usually that are ?hit? the most because it?s easy to not give when there is no actual ?bill? sent out. Our fellow teammates, Harry & Bea Ward, had this to say in their Sept 21 e-mail:

I hear stories from some of our teammates trying to raise support to come out here, discouraging stories.
Churches in the US are cutting back on their missions giving because of a bad economy. It's a mistake.
A bad economy is a good opportunity to see God at work. In prosperous times it's easy to miss much
of God's activity because we think we have ample funds to do things ourselves. But in lean times only God can provide, and churches that decide not to let God do that miss seeing Him do what He does best.

David Hughes has finally arrived in Togo to help out at the hospital in administration during Michael?s absence. We are so thankful to have his skills in accounting (and his MBA). Pray that David will have a good transition and be able to fit in well with the team. Pray for him also as his mother is elderly and feeling the effects of his being gone. Pray for her to have peace.

Continue to pray for the Northern Outreach Project start in Mango. And continue to pray for the hospital. Thank-you for your prayers and support.

For Him,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa (home on one year furlough)

3 Liz Williams
4-6 Harvest Baptist Church in Blacksburg, VA
8-12 Prescription for Renewal, Michael presenter of TB, Malaria, AIDS, & tetanus at The Cove, N.C.
17-19 Forcey Memorial Church, Silver Spring, MD
19-22 Liberty University mission?s conference
23 Derwood Bible Church, Derwood, MD Derwood, MD mission?s committee
26 Fellowship Bible Church, Charles Town, WV