October 2008 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on October 30, 2008


We sure are freezing here in this cold country! It?s amazing how living in Africa for 4 years has ?thinned our blood.? And the full blown winter hasn?t even hit yet! It?s good to get back to reality from time to time we guess.

We have had a wonderful month with seeing supporting churches and old friends. We?ve made some new friends. We?ve also enjoyed the privilege of Michael presenting at the Billy Graham Training Center during Prescription for Renewal. We made many medical contacts that we pray will bear some fruit with some being led to work in Togo for either a short-term or a long term. And we had a great time at Liberty University presenting medical missions to interested students. God has protected us with the many miles that we have driven with beautiful fall foliage. The majesty of God is awesome.

Continue to pray for Togo as they are going into the dry season. We know that there will be food shortages and lack of money until the next growing season next year. Pray for our fellow missionaries and Togolese staff to have stamina and to lead many to Christ. The enemy will not be happy, but we will be victorious no matter what.

Pray for our son, Nathaniel, as he has felt led to change his college to a college in the Chicago area. He is at Shepherd University in the Fine Arts program with a minor in Photography right now. But he feels like he is wasting his time with ?all the other stuff? that the school makes him do. So he has found a technical type of college where he can concentrate solely on digital photography, and he only has to go 5 semesters (year round) which appeals greatly to him. He plans on starting there in Jan 2009.

Please remember to vote. It is such a privilege to have freedom to vote peacefully. It is not something that every country has. Don?t take it for granted.
Continue to pray for our nation. Even with all its faults, we still live in the best country that there is. Why do you think everybody in other countries (including the Middle East, Russia, China, Africa, etc) want to come here and live? Our country does need to turn back to God though before it is too late.

Here is our November schedule for prayer:

Nov 2 Fredericktown Baptist in Frederick, MD
Nov 5 -9 IBC Mission?s Conference in Martinsburg, WV
Nov 9 Hagerstown Bible Church in Hagerstown, MD
Nov 13-15 Michael attend the Christian Medical Conference in Louisville to present ABWE and Togo to medical people
Nov 15-16 SAYSF Bible Church in Lexington Park, MD
Nov 17 Meet with pre-fielders to Togo in the Detroit, MI area at Dr. Bob & Shirley Cropsey house
Nov 18 Meet with our medical friends in the Grand Rapids, MI area
Nov 19 Michael ankle surgery by Dr. Jeff Anhalt in Muskegon, MI
Nov 19-Jan 4 Michael Recuperate
Nov 22-26 Time in Chicago
Nov 26-30 Time in Apple Creek, OH family Thanksgiving

God Bless you and your family. Thanks for being so faithful in your prayers and financial support, even when the times are tough.

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa (home on one year home assignment)