January 2009 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on January 31, 2009


We just survived our first big snow storm since we?ve been back to the states. Thankfully, we did not lose our electricity, and we were safe. We?re praying for those in other parts who do not have electricity, especially in this cold weather.

Michael is now out of his ankle boot and able to start ?rehab? which consists of walking and more walking. He?s very pleased with how his ankle feels and is looking forward to starting back running. We?ve been enjoying getting back to seeing churches, friends, and family this month. We are so blessed with everyone who prays for us and supports us financially. We are praying for you too. We praise God for travel safety.

We are very excited about the 10 new nurses who graduated from the Togo hospital nursing school program in Dec. They are doing their internships at the hospital now. Pray for them to do a great job and to be a good witness for Him. We?re also excited about the 9 new national pastors who graduated from the Bible Institute in Togo in Dec. Pray for these new pastors to be men of integrity, to shepherd their flocks, and for the Togolese who are in their churches to become more Christ centered. And there are new Christian schools that are being built that are part of some of the bigger churches in Togo. Pray for all the building to go well, the teachers being trained, and the students in these schools to grow up to be the next generation of church leaders.

Pray for the Northern Outreach Project team to continue to learn the customs and language as they adapt to their new environment in the north of Togo. And pray for the land purchase for the new hospital that is going to be built to go through. The team reports that even some of the Muslims in Mango got together to have prayer for the success of the purchase. And the Bible Study that the team is holding during the week is being attended by some of their friends and neighbors who want to know ?the truth.?

Also pray that the port corruption that is rampant in Togo right now will settle down. We would like to ship a container for the hospital, print shop, and personal items when we return the end of August, but we won?t be able to if things don?t get more regulated.

Thanks for praying for our ministry and travel in February. We appreciate you greatly!

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl, ABWE
Togo, W. Africa on home assignment

2/3, 10, 17, 24 --- Michael teach anatomy & physiology for Panhandle Family Schools (home school co-op)
2/6---share at Heritage Academy elementary school
2/7, 8, 9---Bible Center Church in Charleston, WV
2/13--- Partners for Christ fellowship
2/14?Needmore Bible Church, Needmore, PA
2/19--- Fellowship Bible Church, 55 Alive, Charles Town, WV
2/21, 22, 23---Faith Bible Church, Mechanicsville, MD
2/28, 3/1---Fellowship Bible Church, mission?s emphasis weekend, Charles Town, WV