February 2009 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on February 26, 2009


We learn something new almost everyday. Last month we learned that ?free anti-virus/firewall? protection doesn?t always mean good protection. We had many problems in January sending/receiving our e-mails, especially our prayer updates. After many weeks of trying this and that, we removed the ?free protection,? paid for a different program, and we?re back in business now. So, if you got more than one January prayer update from us we?re sorry. It was trying to fight with our ?protection.? If you didn?t get a Jan prayer update from us, please let us know and we?ll forward it. And if you sent us an e-mail (in Dec or Jan) and haven?t heard from us, please try again. We are still trying to get caught up, but we?re afraid that maybe some e-mails never got through.

As we listen to the news it is very hard not to get discouraged or overwhelmed by all the economic hardships and tragedies affecting our world these days. Some of the economic hardships are our own making as a country/people/nation; some of the tragedies can?t be prevented. We are very thankful for your sacrificial financial and prayer support. Thank-you for continuing to partner with us.

Continue to pray for the land purchase for the Northern Outreach Project and hospital in Mango, Togo. It appears that there is only one man who is standing in the way of the land purchase, because he is ?speculating? that a big airport will be built on this land in the future. (LOL!) He doesn?t want to give up this land or compromise. The president of Togo is rumored to be getting involved now. At our hospital in Southern Togo, there were 18,000 seen at the hospital and clinic last year. 2,000 made professions of faith! The Togolese pastors try to follow up with all of those who make professions of faith at our hospital and clinic to make sure that they get into Bible believing churches and have the opportunity to study God?s Word, get discipled and grow. Pray for these new believers to grow in Him.

No matter what happens in the future, ??we know that God causes ALL things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes,? (Rom 8:28). Even if these are the end times, if your faith is placed in Jesus Christ---God?s one and only Son, who died on the cross for our sins, and was resurrected on the 3rd day to ascend into heaven and to prepare a place for those who love Him in eternity---if you have this faith, you have nothing to fear. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, Medical Missionaries to Togo, W. Africa with ABWE
Currently on home assignment


Feb 28/March 1 Fellowship Bible Church, Charles Town, WV
March 6-11 Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Beckley, WV mission?s conference
March 8 (evening service only) Johnston Chapel Church Princeton, WV
March 12-15 Independent Bible Church, Martinsburg, WV mission?s conference
March 15-22 Forcey Memorial Church, Silver Springs, MD mission?s conference
March 22-27 American Academy of Family Physicians Medical Conference, Lancaster, PA
March 29 to be decided