March 2009 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on March 25, 2009


We have the opportunity to travel to Cheboygan, MI this weekend for a benefit dinner for Dr. & Mrs. Eric Miller. Dr. Miller is a young surgeon who is committed to full-time medical missionary work in Togo, W. Africa. He, his wife, and young son are trusting God for all their needs to be met so that they can get to Togo in a timely manner. The Millers feel led to stay at the hospital in the south at this time---the already established hospital. We look forward to serving with them in His timing. The hospital ministry functions best with a minimum of 2 surgeons and help from surgical specialties, and this does not include the ministry up north at the new hospital, so our surgical needs are still many. Continue to pray for medical coverage.

Michael is currently in Lancaster, PA at a Family Practice Conference put on by Temple University. He felt led to ask if he could have a ?booth? there to share medical missionary work with fellow physicians, P.A.s, N.P., and nurses. The organizer of the conference told him yes (he is a Christian); he got a call from the head of the ?booth? placement with concern that he?d be ?proselytizing.? Michael told her that he would only share about God if somebody asked him. ? Right now he has access to over 600 conference attendees. We?re praying for fruit!

As we pray for Togo, we feel more and more strongly about the benefits of the Mobile Medical Clinics and Community Health Evangelism. They are such great tools for reaching others for Him and for helping our Togolese friends to take better care of themselves. We want them to break the cycle of animism and disease. Our teammate Tim Neufeld wrote in his February prayer update:

From Tuesday evening through Thursday morning we had a team of Togolese, along with missionaries Sharon Rahilly and Judy Bowen, up for a visit. The purpose was to discuss CHE, or Community Health Evangelism. We learned, for example, that fully 85% of all diseases here in West Africa, are preventable. It is much cheaper and better to deal with these diseases through prevention, than it is to cure them. A team of Togolese Christians that has been trained to work in community health can establish long-term relationships with a community, and enable them to evangelize and make disciples in their community. This is a great way to strengthen an existing church, or to establish a new one. We definitely hope to start a CHE ministry here in Northern Togo.

It is our heart?s desire to spend more time in these ministries in the future?.preventing diseases, instead of just treating them. Please pray for these outreach ministries.

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, Medical Missionaries to Togo, W. Africa with ABWE
Currently on home assignment

April ministry schedule:
March 27-29 Benefit dinner for Dr. & Mrs. Eric Miller
April 1-5 Mission?s Conference at Cornerstone Fellowship Church, Waynesville, NC
April 7 Meet with Fredericktown Baptist Church mission?s committee
April 12 IBC
April 16-21 Mission?s Conference at West Toronto Baptist in Toronto, Canada
April 26 Grace Bible Church in Va. Beach, VA