December 2009 Prayer Update

Cheryl Gayle on December 26, 2009

On Dec 18, our daughter, Stephanie graduated from nursing school. Her sister, Christina, and her brother, Nathaniel, got to be there for the occasion?along with all of her husband Scott?s family and some other family friends. Everybody was able to attend the graduation, but the open house the next day got ?snowed out? because of the 20 plus inches of snow that WV got. We are very proud of Stephanie! She has really worked hard for the past 5 years in order to become a RN/BSN. Stephanie has gotten a job at War Memorial Hospital in Berkeley Springs, WV. This is the same hospital where Michael worked for 20 years. Cheryl worked there for a few years too. Stephanie will be starting after she passes her nursing boards in January. On Dec 21, the 50 year old brother-in-law of our 6month a year surgeon, David Kuehler, died suddenly. Dr. Kuehler flew out on Dec 24 to be with his sister and her family. We are so thankful for airplanes and internet. Back in the ?early days? of missionary work, many missionaries did not hear about the death of their loved one for 6 months or more! Please pray for David and his family as they try to adjust to this sudden loss. We are also very thankful that Todd DeKryger is able to handle much of the surgical load in Dr. Kuehler?s absence. Please pray for Todd to have the strength and the knowledge that he needs while David is gone. On Dec 23, early in the morning, Michael?s father, Dr. Major Dalby Gayle, Jr. died at Westminster Canterbury. He was just one month shy of his 90th birthday. We are very thankful for all of the times that we got to spend with him during our furlough. We are very appreciative of Pastor & Mrs. Dean Woodward who let us use their house as our own whenever we were in Va. Beach to visit Dalby. Michael?s brothers, Alan & Nicodemos have been very faithful at visiting & helping Dalby. There will be a memorial service for Dalby at Westminster Canterbury on Jan 23. But we will be returning to the states in May/June 2010 to attend the memorial service for Michael?s father and mother in Sandston, VA where the Gayles spent most of their lives. Thank-you for your prayers. On Dec 25, we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ here in Togo. To most of the Togolese, it is business as usual. One still has to search for water, for wood for the fire to cook with, get food to cook, and so forth. Most Togolese just look forward to maybe having a better meal than normal. Michael was off on Christmas Day, so we got to really enjoy the holiday. Normally in Togo, as in the U.S., we notice a decrease in patients around the holiday times, because nobody wants to spend the money during the holidays. But so far this month, the hospital has been really busy! There have been so many patients that there aren?t even enough beds to hold them all. And the patients are very, very sick. People are coming to us with so many very sad advanced diseases. Sometimes there is nothing that we can do but just make them comfortable and share with them the eternal hope of Christ. That is what Christmas is all about, the gift of eternal life and the forgiveness of sins! And last but not least, we have finally had time to update our photos and our website! Check us out at! God Bless & Happy New Year! Each day that you?re still alive is the start of a new year in Christ! Thanks so much for your faithful support and prayers! For His Glory, Michael & Cheryl, ABWE, Medical missionaries and church planters Togo, W. Africa