June 2012

Cheryl Gayle on June 29, 2012

Tomorrow Cheryl takes the Master's College Team to the Agou church dedication.  This is a church that was built a few years ago by our national brothers.  But it wasn't built well, so when the walls started to crumble, it needed a lot of repairs and reconstruction.  Nobody knew where the money would come from.  But, "luck" would have it, that the new president's (of Togo) mother was born in this village.  So the president wanted to build himself a "small cottage" and his mother another "small cottage" where she could live in grand style.  And they chose land that had the badly built church on it.  God was on our side, and the church members got money for their "old building and land," so that they could build a new building on new land close by!  (The second time, John Teusink over saw the building of the church, so we are now confident that it is well built.)  Getting a fair price of the land and the building is not usually the way things happen around here, so one can truly say that God was on our side!  Sat the 30th of June will be a special dedication, and we pray that many (including the president's family) will be influenced for Him!

Going to the Agou church dedication makes us think of the Tsavie church dedication which was just held at the beginning of June.  The church was packed with church members, the "mother church members," pastors from all over, and missionaries.  It was a great time to worship and praise God for the great things that He has done for this little church.  We truly appreciate Construction Workers for Evangelism (CWE) and all of their help.  We could not have been able to build this church without their financial and physical support.  

            Pastor Theo, Michael, and Pastor Gatiglo "upfront."

The church ready for the dedication! 

Michael sharing from God's word for the dedication.  Pastor Theo praying for him.

The clinic and the hospital continue to be very busy.  We're so thankful that we have so many nationals and short-termers to help shoulder the load.

Patients waiting outside the clinic to be seen.  There are just as many on the 3 other sides!  The hospital is full also!


Well, this is our "first try" with a different way to send our prayer update.  We will stop now, as it is very hard to do something different, and we're not sure how this will work out!  But with practice, and time, it will become second nature.  Thanks for praying for us.  God Bless you!

For His Glory,

Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa

Medical Missionaries and Church planters