April 2012

Cheryl Gayle on April 30, 2012

  Many times we get so caught up in informing you, our prayer partners, about the medical and physical work here, that we forget to report on the spiritual work!  April has been a really “full month” spiritually!  In addition to the normal Bible Studies, prayer groups, evangelistic outreaches, April was extra special spiritually!  It started with a special Easter service of 7 churches joining together.  It was great to hear all the different church choirs and special music.  As well as special messages from the Togolese pastors.  And the fellowship before, during, and after was wonderful.  What a great way to remember the risen Christ.  Next year, our little church of Tsavié will be hosting the Easter service.  Our pastor has already said that we need to start planning now---which is so true!  Our church is too small to host everybody, so we will have to find afield somewhere and erect a bamboo/leaf roof structure to shade everybody from the sun.  And we’ll have to rent chairs, etc.   There have also been a series of women’s conferences being held throughout Togo this month.  They have been sponsored/planned by ABWE missionaries with the help of nationals.  There have been special meetings for women in various villages and even a 3 days pastor’s wives conference.  Everybody seems to have enjoyed them immensely and grown greatly.  During one of the Christian Resource Centers special prayer Mondays, one of the men was talking about how great the conference in Adéta was for the women, where his wife attended.  He said in the prayer requests that he was very thankful with “how much the conference helped his wife’s attitude to improve.”  We didn’t ask him to elaborate, but it is our experience that when men and women have special times apart for God, there is usually spiritual growth and “improved attitudes.”   Our church of Tsavié has decided that since the women of Tsavié try to meet together once or twice a month, that the men now need to try to meet together once or twice a month!  It was great to see them come up with this idea and initiate their first meeting!  They tried to elect Michael the head of the group, but there are enough men who are growing spiritually in that church that we want them to be in charge of their “men’s” program!   We found the time to have a small group of newly married Togolese over to our house for a meal and a Bible study in April also (the guest house had a slower month in April.)  It was fun to share with them their responsibilities to each other according to the Bible.  And it was interesting to hear that some of the “problems or complaints” that the women and the men have here are the same as what we went thru when we were newly married.  All of the women said that their husbands were “never home.”  And that all they wanted was their husbands to “spend more time with them.”  And the men were saying that they were good providers and the women were always “complaining” that they didn’t help enough or weren’t around enough.  There was something said too, about the men forgetting how to do any cooking or wash after they were married.  OF course, we’re not marriage counselors, but we do remember those first years of marriage and the adjustment of learning to live for the other one and not for oneself.  We’re praying that we can get together at least once a month to continue this group.   The hospital continues to be busy.  It seems like we’re having even more deaths than normal this month.  When there is more spiritual growth, we have to remember that the spiritual battle will intensify around us.  We have to continue to remind ourselves that God is in control.  That He only asks us to be faithful not successful in everything that we do.    We appreciate you greatly and pray for you often.  Thanks so much for being part of His Team for Togo!   For His Glory,     Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo Medical Ministry and Church Planters