March 2012

Cheryl Gayle on March 31, 2012

  The hospital has busy as usual.  We’ve had quite a few women come into the hospital for surgery for infertility this month with our OB/GYN friend, Dr. Gus Barkett here with a resident.  This is about his 16th or 17th year here.  He is here with his good friend, Dr. Kerry Sullivan, a radiologist who helps out on the medical side.  They always bring a great team with them that keeps us hopping and laughing!  And we always eat more chocolate pudding when Kerry is around.  It has something to do with his “payment” for his work or something like that! J    We’ve had a few snake bites this month.  Even two in one day.  Thankfully they all got to us in time to be helped.  (Don’t worry, we haven’t run into any missionaries who have been bit since we’ve been here.)  There were at least two tetanus pts this month.  The last one has been having trouble with tremors and shaking from the damage that was already done to his nerves, before he got treated.  We’re praying that he has relief soon.  And we had a case of “natural” triplets this month.  That is always fun and usually a surprise.  All 3 babies weighed a total of 10lbs.  And they seem to be about 34-37 weeks gestation.  So far they are hanging in there.   Tsavié is really enjoying the new building.  We have noticed the last two Sundays though, that there have been loud fetish drums during the whole church service.  The first Sunday, they were just down at the creek where we hold our baptisms.  The 2nd Sunday, it looks like they’ve cleared of a whole big area right there at the creek, and they had quite a few young boys “learning” how to play the drums, etc.  The spiritual battle is heating up.   Please pray for this to just be temporary and not a direct challenge to us building a permanent church building.  We have been praying for ways to reach these fetishers with the love of Christ.  Pray for wisdom in how and whom to reach them.   We are looking forward to picking up Dr. Kelly Faber in Lomé on Sunday night.  She is our first “post-residency doctor” who is coming out thru Samaritan’s Purse/World Medical Mission for two years.  She is a pediatrician and is looking forward to working with Dr. Russ Ebersole (still waiting on medical clearance) when he returns in Sept.  We are praying that Kelly makes a good adjustment and grows to love the Togolese and the ministry as much as we do.  Pray for her travel safety and setting up here.  Pray for us as we will be mentoring her during her time here.   We’re also looking forward to celebrating Easter with our national friends on April 8.  This Easter, we will be joining quite a few other churches in our local area, at the “mother church” that helped to start the Tsavié church.  It is about 20 minutes farther north of Tsavie.  Each church is responsible for certain parts in the service.  The women of Tsavie are going to be wearing matching shirts and have a song  to share with the whole group.  And the women of each church will be in charge of preparing food to share with everybody from our church.  It should be a very special (but hot and tiring) day!  We love getting together and celebrating with our national friends.   We are thinking of you and praying for you as you get ready to celebrate the Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection!  Have a great Palm Sunday and Blessed Easter Sunday.   For His Glory,   Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo Medical Ministry and Church Planting