February 2012

Cheryl Gayle on February 29, 2012

  We have just finished a wonderful four weeks working with the Christian Workers for Evangelism (CWE) Teams.  Tsavié, our church plant, now has a nice new cement/cinderblock building with a metal roof!  We have already had two services in the new church!  Pastor Gatiglo AND Paul Puleo, the President of CWE, reminded everyone at the church, that the “church” is not actually the building but the people who make up the church.  We are all the body of Christ---His Church.      The fourth week of the teams, we had the privilege of helping the CWE Medical Evangelism team.  We both got to go out into 4 different villages, one of them was Tsavié, and use medicine as a tool to share the gospel.  There were 300-400 seen at each village and many, many professions of faith!  (Sometimes over 200.)  Now the pastors from these 4 villages need to follow up with the people who came to the clinic and see if there are any questions and if there is true salvation.  Please pray for the pastors and the people in the villages.   We were reminded time and again of the animism/fetish worship in each of the villages all over Togo.  We had a 13 year old boy in one village, whose mother brought him to the clinic, who had a severe infection of one of his shin bones---osteomyelitis, which can be very serious.  He could lose his leg if he doesn’t get it treated.  He was reluctant to have it treated, as he was part of a “fetish/witch” group.  They meet together every night and learn how to be witch doctors.  This group had demanded that he kill his mother and father in order to prove his loyalty to the group.  (Much like gangs in the U.S.!)  The boy refused, so the group beat him and hurt his leg badly.  They told him that if he got it taken care of by anybody but their group, they would kill him.  Our Togolese brothers and sisters in Christ who were on the clinics with us, spent much time trying to talk to him and pray for him to turn from the evil that was consuming and influencing him.  He had very blank eyes and almost no expression on his face the whole time.  Please pray that he will be convicted and accept Christ---the only true answer for peace!   At another village, there was a 60 year old lady whom the pastors definitely thought was possessed by demons!  She was seen for enlarged thyroid (goiter) and seemed very normal (except for the huge thyroid.)  After we saw her, she was told that she had to come to the hospital for surgery,  and we sent her to another classroom to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Suddenly, in the middle of the presentation and prayer, she just started screaming and screaming and babbling incessantly.  We’d never heard anybody scream or babble like this.  (Even when somebody dies here, there is crying and screaming, but this was totally different.)  We heard from others later, that she was just shaking and screaming.  Somebody touched her and started to pray “In the name of Jesus, we command you to leave this lady.”  She kept screaming (it seemed like forever, maybe 2-3 min?), and then we were told that she just started vomiting and vomiting!  Then after all this was over, she was very calm.  Talk about THE EXORCIST in real life.  The battle is fierce out here!  Please pray for the souls of our Togolese!  And especially for this lady.   One sort of cute story that happened, is at one village, the chief came up to Cheryl and “gave her” a little girl to “have,”  since our “babies” are all gone.  She was about 9 years old.  Very sweet girl.  At first, Cheryl thought it was a joke, and just laughed it off.  But this little girl latched onto Cheryl with her hand and then wouldn’t let go.  No matter where Cheryl moved or went (it’s pretty hard to work with a 9 year old sort of hanging on!)  After a while (maybe an hour or so?), Cheryl decided that this was for real, and that she better take care of the situation sooner than later, so she asked one of the Togolese workers, Pastor Jeremie, to help her by explaining to the girl and the chief that it wasn’t going to work out.  Pastor Jeremie said that they really were serious, as they wanted our help to send her to school and take care of her, etc.  It was tempting, but not in our cards at this time.  The little girl finally stopped touching Cheryl, but she kept hanging around outside the medical room and giving the huge “puppy dog pleading eyes!” L  Please pray for this little girl to get the proper schooling that she needs and to grow up in Him.   We continue to be so thankful for your prayers and financial support!  Without you, we could not be here in Togo on His Team for Togo!  We pray that you have a blessed day and a wonderful March!   For His Glory,   Michael & Cheryl, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa Medical Evangelism & Church Planters