December 2011

Cheryl Gayle on December 31, 2011

 We are very excited to announce that one of our good African friends, Kossi Joy, has been accepted by Appalachian Bible College in Mt Hope, WV.  He also was able to secure his U.S. visa to study in the U.S. for three years on Weds Dec 28th.  And we were able to get him a ticket, with the help of our travel agent, to leave Accra, Ghana on Monday night, Jan 2nd.  (Talk about a busy week!) Kossi will arrive into Dulles Airport in D.C. very early on Tuesday morning  Jan 3rd!  He will be met at the airport by our son, Nathaniel, who he knows from when Nathaniel lived in Togo with us.  Kossi will then be with Nathaniel and members of our home church, Independent Bible Church, until Mon morning Jan 9th, when he will travel to ABC with another student to begin his studies in Bible theology.  Kossi’s goal is to study at ABC, and then return to Togo to minister to his fellow Togolese and work alongside other ABWE missionaries.  One of our goals as ABWE Togo is to nationalize as much as possible.  Kossi is one other Togolese headed this way.  Kossi has been involved with the local Tsiko church, since he was a young boy.  He remembers many missionaries and visitors coming thru over the years.  He is the “product” of many years of discipleship.  At 27, Kossi is still a young man, but not so young as to be immature.  We have always been impressed with Kossi’s heart for the Lord and for his fellow man.  Kossi is being partially sponsored by a surgeon who did a couple of short-term trips to Togo a few years ago.  He and Kossi became friends.  This doctor has been working with Kossi, thru us, for many years to help him finish his schooling and to help him be able to study in the U.S.  If anybody is going thru the Mt Hope area and can, please stop by Appalachian Bible College and meet Kossi and tell him hello!  He would appreciate it very much.  During his three years in the states, we hope to be able to have him come with us to some of our supporting churches so that you can meet him too.  Please pray for Kossi as he is going to have a huge culture shock.  This will be his first time flying.  His first time out of Togo/Ghana.  And….a lot of firsts.  Pray for his safety in many areas—travel, nobody taking advantage of a trusting young man, and to stay far from the “worldly” temptations that the U.S. has.  And pray for all of his finances to come thru so that he can stay in school.  Michael and I continue to be busy with the ministries here in Togo that God has laid before us.  Please pray for us to have balance and to know what His will is for us each day.   Pray that we can be godly examples and have time to disciple others also.  Right now, we’re in the harmattan season, so things are a lot drier and dustier.  This has caused an increase in the number of meningitis cases that are seen.  In the last 7-10 days, there have been at least 4 or 5 cases with a couple of deaths.  Typhoid cases will be increasing.  Michael also just diagnosed a young boy with rheumatic fever (he hasn’t seen too many of these cases.)  We are getting ready to start into our “visitor” season.  It’s been quiet for about a month or two, with just scattered visitors coming thru, due to replacing the guest house roof, but things start up full swing on Jan 1st with a team of nursing students coming to Togo from Liberty University.  What a way to start a new year---serving the Lord overseas! J

The nursing school here at the hospital is going well with all twenty students passing their semester exams.  PTL!   The church plant of Tsavié has the concrete slab poured, many cement blocks are being made by hand, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first CWE team at the end of January.  We had a wonderful time at Tsavié celebrating the Lord’s birth outside by the river on Christmas Day.  And we all look forward to the dedication of the new building in February! 

We wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We trust that this year will be a blessed year, and that you will be serving the Lord with your whole heart, soul, and mind no matter where you live. 

For His Glory,

  Michael & Cheryl Gayle, ABWE, Togo, W. Africa Medical Missionaries and Church Planters