September 2011

Michael Gayle on September 29, 2011

  We hope that each of you is enjoying the changing of the season and the fall colors—a very special and beautiful time of year  It is amazing to think of God’s Creation, and it is all free of charge!!  Cheryl is back in the States at this writing awaiting the birth of our second grandchild this time through our second daughter Stephanie and her husband Scott.  The birth is a little overdue but God will bring it about in His timing.  We pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.  We have settled back into the swing of things here in Togo, with Michael busy at the hospital and clinic and Cheryl up to her eyeballs with taking care of the administrative and financial matters for the Guest House.  Medical/surgical staffing was slack since our return in August, but Ken Crowe alternated being on call every other night with Michael and was a great encouragement.  His wife Terry was a wonderful help and encouragement to Cheryl as well.  The Crowes are considering the possibility of coming out to Togo every year for an extended amount of time.  Then as they were getting ready to return to the States, the Lord brought Chuck and Donna Larson to take up the slack.  They are a true joy and readily step up to the plate to help out as they can.  And the DeKryger Family (Todd, a surgical PA and his wife Jennifer and their four boys) returned to the field the end of this month.  Their ministry field will ultimately be the Hospital of Hope which is under construction up in Northern Togo, but they will be staying down South with us for the first year or so to help us out and as they await the construction of their house to be completed.  Thanks go to Gordon Kaufman, Bob Cropsey, and Bob Goddard for their willingness to come and serve surgically during this past month.  Short term missionaries are what God uses in His ministry here to keep the hospital and the missionaries going physically and spiritually.   All aspects of the hospital have been busy, but pediatrics has been especially challenging with the number of premature infants as young as 30 weeks of age and weighing as little as 2 pounds.  By God’s grace and with a lot of prayer and supplementing the mothers’ diet with eggs and powdered milk on a daily basis, we have seen them slowly but surely grow and leave the hospital.  At one time we had three of the premature infants alongside one another with their mothers sitting side by side one another during the day and sleeping side by side on floor mats during the night.  The three mothers bonded together and actually had a race to see which one of them could get her child to 3 pounds first and get to go home.  God is so gracious and grants us these moments of joy to counteract those families who experience the death of a family member.  It is heart wrenching especially when it is a child who was up playing until the day before, but then suddenly becomes ill with cerebral malaria and dies within a short period of time due to devastating complications and despite appropriate treatment.  Because of their young age the Bible tells us they will be with Jesus in heaven, and this is where we believe God has brought the child’s family in to hear the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Many times we see the chaplains and nurses sharing the Gospel and some of the family members come to the knowledge of His saving grace.  So in the end, we as medical personnel may have lost a physical life but God has gained eternal souls in heaven.  PTL!!  The spiritual needs of Togo are great, as we continue to see and serve the Lord in His ministry here in West Africa.  The physical needs are great as well.  We have already spoken of the medical surgical needs at the hospital.  We want you to be aware of two projects that are in need of financial infusion to become a reality.   The first concerns our church plant at Tsavie which we have been part of since 2005.  CWE (Construction for Worldwide Evangelism) is a Christian organization out of Tampa, FL and it has agreed to come to Togo and construct a concrete block and metal roof building to replace the bamboo wall thatched roof building that it now exists.  CWE will pay 75% of the cost of supplies and building the church.  They have asked us to raise the other 25% which comes to around $20,000.   Several of our supporting churches and individuals have given toward this project and we are so grateful for their assistance. So far we have raised $9,000 of the $20,000. If you as a church or individual or group are interested in meeting this need, please contact us.

The second project is an ongoing ministry that we have been involved in since our arrival in Togo in 2004—Evangelical Mobile Medical Clinics that go out to various villages without any medical services to meet the medical and spiritual needs of those who live there.  Our present vehicle is in the process of succumbing to the harshness of the Togolese roads and costing much money in repairs.  As we experience the constant wear and tear on the vehicle we realize that perhaps buying a new, heavy duty vehicle would be a better use of His funds.  The cost of such a vehicle (example would be a Toyota Land Cruiser) is between $40,000 and $50,000 including customs.  Also, ongoing costs for running EMMCs is $1,000 per month.  If you as a church or individual or group are interested in helping to meet one of these needs for EMMCs, please contact us. 

We thank God for His partnering us with each of you in furthering His Kingdom here in Togo.  Your faithful prayer and financial support are gratefully appreciated.  Please let us know how we can pray for you.  Prayer is a two way street  amongst believers and its toll free.  Let us be encouraged to edify one another and share our burdens with one another.  To God be the Glory, Great Things He hath done [and continues to do!!]   For the King,   Michael and Cheryl Medical Missionaries through ABWE Togo, West Africa